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Dave Westbrook
Laser Link Golf South Africa
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In 1993, a group of golfers with an innovative idea went about changing the game of golf.  The mission was to replace destructive steel spikes with less damaging plastic cleats.  The concept was not an instant success, and the process was "uphill and against the wind".  Years of conventional wisdom had to be overcome before the true value of the plastic cleats could be realized.  The concept was sold one player at a time and one course at a time, and soon, a small faction of courses began to ban the use of steel spikes.  In 1993, there were 15 of these "no steel spike" facilities.  As the product proved its merit and grew in popularity, that number grew to 7000 in 1997, and today, there are over 9,000 courses around the globe that prohibit the use of steel spikes.  Softspikes is the standard cleat, and it is the cleat for millions of players around the world. 

     Some of the original Softspike's team are principals of Laser Link Golf.  Jim Fitzgeralds, Walker Inman, Dave Jesse, Rob O'Loughlin and Wayne Timberman are involved in golf's next innovation.  The Laser Link Distance System improves pace of play and make the game more enjoyable for all levels of players.  Try the system for 18 holes and you will not go back to hunting for sprinkler heads.  They are involved in Laser Link Golf for the same reason they were in Softspikes - both are good for the game!

Softspike Connection
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