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Laser Link Distance System:  The Solution
Dave Westbrook
Laser Link Golf South Africa
Cell:  073 144 9044
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Contact:  073 144 9044
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Laser Link Golf South Africa aims to convert courses all over the country to make your game more enjoyable and rewarding by supplying you with its innovative products.

Why the Laser Link Distance System?  Because the system is the solution.  You've tried other distance measurement tools before or you've seen someone else using them.  A GPS can't give you the distance to the flagstick, only to the middle of the green.  That's not the information you really want. Hunting rangefinders try to give you the distance to the flagstick, but much of the time give you the distance to the oak tree behind the flagstick.  They’re difficult to use for the "regular" golfer.

Then, there is the
Laser Link Distance System - the distance measurement tool golfers truly enjoy using. Never before has it been easier to find the distance to the flagstick. The units are so simple to use that anyone from the most experienced veteran to the newest beginner will be able to use it with ease.  A golfer wants to know distance information, and we all need it to play our best.  No player at any course knows every distance on the golf course; they especially don’t know every distance to the flagstick. This information changes with each new day.

Why does the Laser Link Distance System work so much easier and faster than other distance measurement products? The secret is in the reflector. The System is not only a handheld laser but a very simple system of two components. All 4 models work in conjunction with a specially designed flagstick-mounted reflector to provide fast, accurate distance to the flagstick while the more advanced Switch, White Magic and Red Hot models can also operate independently. Our patented reflectors are the highest quality construction, and the highest possible reflectivity.  No more wondering if you've hit the flagstick or the trees in the distance.  Because of this special design geared specifically to golfers, there is only one measurement you'll ever get - the one you want - the distance to the flagstick.  There is no distance doubt, only confidence, and in this game, you need all the confidence you can get.